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Picking up our bus

By Alex Simpson  |  April 06, 2018

Warning.. twisty road ahead!

This is the epic tale of how I (Alex) proudly took ownership of our bus and took it on an unforgettable journey from Wellington (North Island) to our storage location in Clyde (South Island). This is also a tribute to all the beautiful, generous souls who helped us along the way, and together, made it all possible.

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Finding The One

By Alex Simpson  |  February 06, 2018

Our bus purchasing journey was long, arduous and somewhat indecisive. We started off with a mutual dream. We fell deeply in love with this dream until we inevitably we stumbled across technicalities, legalities and all the other bad-alities that forced us to re-dream our idea.

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Hello again, and welcome to another of our projects - our pallet grandstand (the grandest of stands). We had a lot of fun building it and gained heaps of valuable skills and experience. Feedback so far is good, although some people ask why…

Our grand plans

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