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Finding The One

By Alex Simpson  |  February 06, 2018

Our bus purchasing journey was long, arduous and somewhat indecisive. We started off with a mutual dream. We fell deeply in love with this dream until we inevitably we stumbled across technicalities, legalities and all the other bad-alities that forced us to re-dream our idea.

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Hello again, and welcome to another of our projects - our pallet grandstand (the grandest of stands). We had a lot of fun building it and gained heaps of valuable skills and experience. Feedback so far is good, although some people ask why...

Our grand plans

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A beginner's guide to stick welding

By Alex Simpson  |  September 19, 2017

I started learning to weld with a gasless mig wilder about a year ago. Mig welding is a lot easier than stick welding for basic welds, due to the way the core is fed out of the tip by the welder. This is perfectly fine when you are making a bracket for your car inside your garage. But eventually we plan to raise the roof of our bus, and we won't be fortunate enough to have an indoor workshop big enough to store it and work on it. And working outside, in the elements, mig welding just wouldn't be appropriate. To achieve the strength of weld we would need, we'd have to use a gas mig welder, which is very susceptable to wind blowing away the shielding gas. This video here by ChuckE2009 also strongly influenced my decision to switch.

Making sure it's square

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